Children's Liturgy

Children's Liturgy Leader

The Children's Liturgy exists so that children of all ages may have the opportunity to listen to and understand the Gospel at their own level. A Children's Liturgy Catechist should be a practising Catholic with a genuine interest in proclaiming the Word of God to our children. Prior to leading a group, a catechist should prepare by familiarizing them self with the readings and the gospel of the day.

At St. Clare's, the Children's Liturgy is offered between the months of September to June, at both the 5:00 p.m. Saturday Mass and the 12 Noon Sunday Mass, and usually runs about half an hour.

Catechists are scheduled about once a month, in pairs and on a rotational basis. Since each catechist brings with them their own unique style, children stay engaged and benefit greatly from the various perspectives.

If you are called to this ministry, you will find the experience very rewarding! To find out more, please call the office at 416-654-7087.


Inquiries may be made by contacting us or after Masses.