Hospitality ministers


Prior the Mass, the Usher prepares certain items that will be required during the Mass, such as bringing out communion hosts, wine & water and preparing the donation boxes (such as the St. Vincent de Paul boxes).

An Usher:

    • is a welcoming presence to parishioners and visitors who enter the church;
    • assists with seating and ensuring an orderly procession to communion during busy periods such as Easter & Christmas;
    • selects parishioners from the congregation who will bring up communion, wine & water to the altar during mass;
    • selects parishioners to assist with the collections;
    • takes up the collection and brings it to the altar during mass;
    • distributes church bulletins to parishioners as they leave;
    • distributes palms, candles, etc as parishioners enter the church during special events;
    • keeps a watchful eye for anyone who requires emergency assistance.
If you are called to this ministry, please speak with pastor.


Inquiries may be made by contacting us or after Masses.