Children singing

English Sunday Mass Choir Member

St Clare's English choir is open to anyone with an enthusiasm to sing. We sing in harmony and currently have a bevy of Sopranos and Altos; but only one tenor, a bass, and a guitarist.

You may ask, "What does a guitarist have to do with a choir?!" He keeps us in tune and in rhythm that adds enrichment to the musical leadership of the mass.

In the past, we have had a flutist and a trombonist. So if you do not sing, but play any instrument, you would make a valuable contribution to our band!

Our repertoire for the Sunday noon mass consists of the mass setting and hymns. Rehearsals are on Fridays at 7:45p.m. in the meeting room in the basement just to the right side of the Church office on Westmount.

If you are interested, please speak with the choir director, Dr. Paul Jessen.

Inquiries may be made by contacting us or after Masses.