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Re-Opening of the Church

Posted : Jun-10-2021

Currently, there continues to be no capacity limit for places of worship, HOWEVER, masking is still mandatory, even if vaccinated, as well as physical distancing of 2 metres (6 ft.) between parishioners attending Mass who are not from the same household.  Because of this, we will not realize any significant increase in capacity, which rarely exceeds 120 in our parish. 

 Schedule of Sunday Masses

  • Saturdays, church will open at 4 pm,

   Mass at 5 PM

  • Sundays:

    Mass in Italian – 10:00 am; 

    Mass in English - 12 Noon

Parish halls are still off limits for social gatherings.  In person meetings in meeting spaces may not exceed 50% capacity while continuing to abide by the basic restrictions set out above.  In addition, a sign-in sheet should be maintained for the purpose of contact tracing.  Again, food is not permitted.

We still encourage all groups to meet virtually, if possible.

 Congregational singing is still not permitted.  If a cantor joins an organist in the choir loft, they must maintain the social distancing protocol of 3 metres.

Our Parish office remains closed to the public, but we are still here to serve you!  Just send us an email or give us a call!